Our Story

Our story begins in December 2013 with the arrival of our precious little girl, Amelia. So far, it’s been an incredible journey – the most fun, the most challenging, the most tiring, and the most scary! From a teeny, tiny new-born nestled in my arms, to the walking/running, vocal, determined toddler she is today, our lives were changed forever in the best way imaginable.

After Amelia was born, we were showered with beautiful gifts – many by Spanish designers (Mummy and Daddy had lived in Spain before for some time). Whilst out and about in my area, Amelia and her Spanish baby accessories attracted lots of attention and people of all ages would ask me where I had bought her beautiful maxi-cosi cover, classic shoes and stylish changing bag.

Craving a change in my professional life and armed with my new-found interest in baby accessories – the Amelia loves company was born. Our products are practical, and beautifully made with adorable designs. Stylish and elegant, they are perfect for any mummy or mummy-to-be.

Thanks especially to my gorgeous Amelia for the inspiration, and oh my husband, for allowing this venture to happen. Keep checking in as our story continues.....